Downtown Towson has been rapidly growing in recent years. No longer just a suburb of Baltimore, it is quickly establishing itself as its own vibrant urban community. Towson’s newest multifamily development, Flats at 703, recently opened its doors. The seven-floor development features two stories of parking and outdoor amenities including a dog park, courtyard and rooftop deck and bar. With its convenient downtown location, the city’s shops and restaurants are just steps away.

Project Highlights
Urban Infill Design Constraints: As with most urban infill developments, the site faced area and height restrictions. The building was designed around an existing bank, with roads on either side limiting site size. Building height was limited by building codes. Bohler collaborated with the project architect to develop best use of the site and achieve the maximum number of units and parking.

Topographical Challenges: Given the steepness of Washington Avenue, Bohler worked with the architect to level the building foundation, which was designed to be partially buried. Grading challenges also affected placement of amenities and the parking garage.

Sustainable Stormwater Management: Concrete bioretention vaults were used as a sustainable design measure, to effectively treat rainwater runoff despite the very limited space.

Bohler provided civil engineering, landscape architecture, permitting, and surveying services for this project. Recently, Urban Land Institute’s Baltimore Chapter organized a tour of the project with Bohler’s Hank Alinger, Director of Planning, and the rest of the project team.

Questions about Flats at 703 or Bohler’s urban infill design capabilities? Contact Hank or any of Bohler’s design experts today.