Bohler’s Core Operating Principles drive us to serve the communities we work and live in, and it is especially rewarding when we have the opportunity to partner with clients on philanthropic endeavors.

“When colleagues share in charitable efforts, that is the sign of a truly great relationship,” Lock Wills, Chairman of The Wills Group said regarding Bohler Engineering’s support of The Blackie Wills Community Leadership Fund. “Thanks to Bohler for participating in this mission.” 

Bohler's Andrew Stine and Joe Ucciferro at The Wills Group Golf Classic.

Bohler’s Andrew Stine and Joe Ucciferro during The Wills Group Golf Classic.


Bohler is proud to support The Blackie Wills Foundation in their endeavor to eliminate childhood hunger, ensure safe and healthy homes, and move families forward. Read the full press release from The Wills Group.