Located on the 30-acre site of Phoenixville, PA’s historic steel mill and between two notable waterways, Riverworks is a newly constructed 349-unit luxury apartment complex. The project recently walked away as the Grand Winner of “Best Reuse of Land” at the Multifamily Executive Awards.

The historic site is quite extraordinary, here’s why:

  • It has a water canal system, previously used to regulate water flow during the mill’s operation, that was discovered during construction and reconfigured.
  • The mill’s original concrete foundation is used as the structural fill.
  • The footbridge once used by millworkers was rehabilitated and now provides access to new restaurants and boutiques in the town.
  • The complex’s clubhouse features design elements such as exposed steel framework and wood plank details, representing the town’s earliest economic powerhouse – the steel mill.

Bohler’s project team at Riverwork’s restored historic footbridge.


Congratulations to Toll Brothers, BartonPartners and the rest of the project team on this prestigious award!