Creative Project Strategies Connect South Florida Communities

A South Florida developer has proposed a vision for Cypress Crossing, a 13-acre, mixed-use project that lies within both Fort Lauderdale’s uptown district and suburban-oriented Oakland Park. Currently a municipal commuter lot for an underutilized bus stop, the developer has executed a long-term ground lease that will transform the site and maintain space for regional transit and parking needs.

Cypress Crossing offers an opportunity to enhance the natural transition between the urban-focused enclave of Fort Lauderdale into Oakland Park’s suburban community through a combination of two, mixed-use vertical towers, six stand-alone retail and restaurant buildings, and site amenities designed for both residents and visitors. Additionally, converting an underutilized parking lot to a regional destination offers secondary development opportunities in this unique transitional area.

Rendering: Behar Font & Partners, P.A.

Residents of the 190 rental units will enjoy on-site amenities from retail, sit-down restaurant, open-space and service amenities within the development. Retailers will benefit from being on municipal transit lines and proximity to I-95. Construction is anticipated to start this year.

Bohler has supported the evolution of this dynamic project through conceptual planning, preliminary design and municipal engagement. As the project progresses, full civil design and permitting services will be provided to prepare for construction.

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