Bohler is helping to develop key soccer facilities in the Atlanta area

Atlanta’s Major League Soccer team, Atlanta United, has become so popular that it’s outselling the NFL.

Though the team has only been around for two years, it has garnered a devoted fanbase. It has also prompted a large uptick in locals’ interest in taking on the sport for themselves. The resulting challenge, however, is a lack of regional facilities for proper skill development and training to meet the sport’s growing popularity.

A team lead initially by a soccer parent and sports professional is changing that by answering the increased demand for quality soccer facilities, training, and camps for the Atlanta area. Supported by a skilled project team that includes Bohler, they are developing Westside Woods, a state-of-the-art soccer complex in Powder Springs, an Atlanta suburb.

Rendering of the Circle 10 soccer facility in Powder Springs, GA

Rendering: McMillan Pazdan Smith

Once approached with the project idea, Bohler sprang into action, helping to identify and evaluate sites to best meet Westside Wood’s vision for a sophisticated training complex. After the 22-acre location was solidified, our team addressed design challenges including overcoming a 60-foot grade change across the site and suitably buffering the facilities from the surrounding residences. Overall, Bohler provided due diligence, civil engineering, and permitting services for the exciting project.

Upon completion, the complex will feature three outdoor lighted turf fields, two covered futsal courts, in addition to a 40,000 SF building with a large indoor field, fitness center, restaurant, and meeting rooms. The outdoor fields are expected to open by this fall, while the building is slated for delivery next year.

The community is eager to have a facility that offers both high-quality soccer training for kids and sources of entertainment for the parents. Mayor Al Thurman said of the complex, “Through projects like this, we are seeing our hopes and dreams for an even better Powder Springs becoming a reality.”

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