Ambitious Soccer Parents Accomplish their Community Vision

Long-time Powder Springs residents and youth soccer parents David and Laurie van Gelder saw a need for more year-round soccer playing surfaces in metro Atlanta – and they wanted to make a positive impact on their community. Local interest in the sport was on the rise given the recent success of Atlanta’s Major League Soccer team, Atlanta United. After years of refining the van Gelder’s vision and strategy, Westside Woods was born.

The couple set out to build a 22-acre, state-of-the-art sports complex featuring a mix of indoor and outdoor playing fields. The facility would provide athletic opportunities for local players of all skill levels, while inspiring the community to pursue a more active, connected, and healthy lifestyle. The Westside Woods team had the sports and community connections to accomplish their vision – but they sought A-list players for their real estate design and construction bench.

Turning Vision into Reality

The team called Bohler to help make the sports complex a real estate reality. Drawing from its experienced understanding of local regulatory requirements, associated timing, and overall project phasing, Bohler helped them successfully navigate the development process – political, municipal, and technical – and establish realistic project budgets and timelines.

Building a Trustworthy Team

With a plan in place, Bohler set out to help the Westside Woods team assemble an all-star design and construction team. Identifying the right consultants for a project with such a personal connection to the owners and community was critical to its success. Bohler leveraged its professional network to recommend architectural, geotechnical consultants, and other key partners that would help drive the project forward.

Designing for the Future

During design, Bohler helped the team overcome a 60-foot grade change across the site, a typical topographical challenge in this region. Bohler presented design solutions that both conquered the elevation change and suitably buffered surrounding residences from the facilities.

With the community in support of this progressive amenity, Bohler and the extended project team focused its design on delivering world-class sports facilities that would withstand traffic, weather conditions, and natural site characteristics.

Throughout the project, Bohler sought opportunities for the visionary parents to become successful real estate developers. Upon completion, Westside Woods will feature three outdoor, lighted turf fields, two covered futsal courts, and a 40,000-SF facility with a large indoor field, fitness center, restaurant, and meeting rooms.

22 Acres
40K SF Facility
60 Foot Grade Change

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