With a mission to recruit, retain and develop the industry’s best, Bohler’s Women in Engineering Program was back in action this week. The group’s Leadership Council convened in Washington, DC for its first meeting of 2019.

A major initiative for the Leadership Council this year is to expand its reach and value across Bohler’s footprint, getting more women – and men—involved. The group took time to strategize and plan for 2019, and ultimately agreed that opening up the group to all women at Bohler is the key to making the biggest impact.

Following the strategy session, the group turned their attention to Business Development, welcoming a panel of Bohler’s Business Development experts. Managing Partners Bill Goebel and Dan Duke teamed up with Principal David Nemecek and Director of Development Operations Keleigh Williams to tackle the Council’s toughest questions on growing the business. The panel broke down how to do it successfully, especially when time is limited. They also discussed overcoming their own personal challenges with business development and shared their favorite success stories.

The engaging conversation about business development and the direction of our firm provided an opportunity for the women to learn from senior leaders and build confidence in their own abilities to contribute to Bohler’s continued growth.

About Bohler’s Women in Engineering Program
Bohler’s Women in Engineering (WIE) Program was established more than two years ago with a mission of recruiting, retaining and developing the industry’s best women. Initiated and driven by our leadership team, the WIE group supports Bohler’s goal of providing a supportive and empowering environment for ambitious women to thrive.

The Leadership Council is responsible for bringing the information and experiences shared during the meetings back to their regions, holding meetings of their own and driving WIE activity on a local level.