Inside New Hampshire’s Development Boom

18 February, 2022

4 Reasons New Hampshire Tops Developers’ Target Markets

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, homebuying sources including have named Manchester, NH the nation’s hottest housing market ten times.

Located a mere hour drive from Boston, southern New Hampshire offers homebuyers a more serene and cost-effective alternative to the bustling city. An influx of new residents continues to cross the border into New Hampshire for the prospect of more property.

For developers, this equates to market demand and opportunity. As the population surge continues, other types of development are needed to support the region.

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Here are four reasons developers are eyeing New Hampshire for their next real estate investment.

  1. 1. Growth Potential for Every Market Sector

The current housing market boom is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in New Hampshire. Bohler’s New Hampshire branch is seeing a significant increase in both single-family and multifamily residential developments as people migrate from major cities like Boston. With these new residents – including many young professionals – comes an opportunity for last mile distribution and commercial developments to enter the market.

  1. 2. Availability of Undeveloped Land

While the New Hampshire market is booming, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore previously undeveloped properties. Developers can start with a fresh canvas and potentially avoid  the challenges and limitations associated with redevelopment projects.

  1. 3. Proximity to Major Highway Networks

Route 93 provides a direct connection to Boston with about an hour commute. With the influx of residents to the area, this main artery offers an ideal location for distribution centers. Other thoroughfares like the F.E. Everett Turnpike continue to foster development in the southern portion of the State while Route 101 provides the connection from east to west, linking Manchester to the coast.


4. Development-Friendly Environment

Many land use regulators throughout the State understand the benefits of development and have demonstrated a desire to work with developers to reach common goals. In my experience, the accessibility of regulators and their willingness to collaborate with developments creates an environment that allows development to thrive.

These factors make New Hampshire a prime location for all kinds of development. Bohler’s team has the insider knowledge of the area and strong working relationships with jurisdictional leaders to help you accomplish your goals.

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About Austin Turner
Austin Turner, Bedford NH

As a Principal and leader of Bohler’s  Bedford, NH office, Austin leads a team of experienced and local civil engineering professionals who create and identify opportunities for clients to accomplish their development goals. Having designed and permitted a multitude of projects throughout the State, Austin has developed strong relationships with State and local officials, successfully collaborating to move.

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