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Bohler works as an extension of your team to navigate the land development process from site planning, feasibility, and due diligence through securing approvals and project completion. We partner with our clients to leverage industry change and tackle site challenges, resulting in successful land development projects that grow their business and transform the community.

Site Planning Starts the Process

Site planning sets the stage for a successful land development project by uncovering, assessing, and organizing all factors that will influence the final outcome.

At the start of site planning, many aspects of the site and surrounding area will have been considered. This includes zoning, topography, site access, utility infrastructure, geotechnical and environmental investigations, conceptual grading and utility plans, preliminary stormwater management, and other site-critical elements.

Bohler’s expertise in site planning helps clients conduct a comprehensive site analysis, anticipate and proactively address site challenges, and adhere to municipal requirements. We help our clients turn site challenges into valuable opportunities – all while preserving their vision for the project.

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Due Diligence for Making More Informed Decisions

As the first phase of site planning, due diligence is a critical step in gaining a complete understanding of the project and improve your ability to keep it on schedule and within budget. We encourage our clients to engage other consultants during this process including surveyors, landscape architects, and general contractors. These consultants bring unique perspectives on design, end-user experience, constructability, and sequencing – important factors affecting the team’s ability to control costs, clearly define project scope, and communicate delivery information to stakeholders.

Whether you are evaluating an undeveloped site or assessing a potential redevelopment, Bohler applies the information gathered to help you make more informed decisions, faster.

Site Civil Engineering Design for Streamlined Approvals and Constructability

With solid conceptual plans in place and client goals at top of mind, Bohler approaches technical engineering design to not only expedite approvals, but to streamline construction. Regardless of the project type or location, Bohler’s approach to site design remains consistent: We clearly illustrate compliance with applicable regulations to reduce reviewer comments and expedite the permitting and approvals process for every project. We provide contractors with detailed plans for accurate cost estimating, helping owners and developers keep projects within budget and on schedule.

Passing through our rigorous internal QA/QC process, our plans are highly detailed to streamline construction. We provide contractors with the information necessary to do their jobs without clarification or deviation from the approved plans. This keeps projects in compliance with regulations and reduces change orders for the owner or developer.

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