Life Science and Biomanufacturing

Advancing Scientific Discovery through Leading-Edge Facilities

Advancements in life science and biomanufacturing are occurring at light speed. This has increased the need for progressive facilities shaped by the latest thinking, newest technologies, and the ability to scale to meet evolving end user needs.

To help developers leverage the high demand and establish themselves as leaders in this complex space, Bohler employs a unique approach to land development consulting. One that’s tightly aligned with the mindset and practices of the industry itself, designed to achieve aggressive speed-to-market goals and create stand-out facilities.

We believe the collaborative environment that leads to exponential progress within the life science and biomanufacturing industry is equally essential when developing the advanced facilities that serve it.

So, counter to the standard practice of involving disciplines only when required, Bohler approaches life science and biomanufacturing facility development from a holistic vantage point, engaging our entire multidisciplinary team in collaborating on your project from the start.

Partnering with our clients in this big-picture manner enables us to view your project from multiple perspectives simultaneously, draw on insights and expertise from all disciplines at every step, and see further down the road at all times.

As a result, we can identify and solve challenges early on and uncover opportunities to achieve an even higher standard for your project. Guided by this unique approach, Bohler brings an extensive set of capabilities and advantages to developers in the life science and biomanufacturing space.

Achieving Unmatched Speed-to-Market

We have a proven track record of delivering projects faster. Our project understanding and holistic approach allow us to streamline processes, meet the strict deadlines required for federal grant funds and FDA approval, and reliably meet our clients’ project timelines.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Differentiation

To stand out in the competitive life science and biomanufacturing industry, developers must create highly differentiated facilities. Bohler’s innovative design solutions blend functionality, aesthetics, and amenities to create spaces that attract the most desirable tenants. Additionally, our multidisciplinary approach means our planning, landscape architecture, and design teams work in tandem with our site civil engineering teams throughout your project – a collaboration that generates even more inventive ideas for differentiating your facility.

Capitalizing on Conversion Opportunities

Bohler can help you capitalize on the trend of converting vacant retail, office, and industrial spaces into life science and biomanufacturing facilities and make the process as smooth as possible. Not only do we excel at identifying conversion opportunities, but our extensive network enables us to quickly connect you with the right people and projects and expedite your permitting and construction process.

Supporting New-to-the-Market Developers

With in-depth knowledge of life science and pharma operations, we’re the ideal partner for office and mixed-use developers venturing into the industry for the first time. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and regulations, we ensure our clients have the insight, information, and education they need to develop desirable and marketable facilities right out of the gate.

Collectively, our innovative approach, unique capabilities, and in-depth life science and biomanufacturing facility development experience enable us to deliver significant and multi-faceted value to our clients project after project.

The result? Life science and biomanufacturing facilities designed to advance research and discovery, support those striving to make life-enhancing breakthroughs, and grow your reputation as a leading-edge developer in the space.

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