Bohler Cares About Giving Back

Bohler Cares is the banner under which we enhance our neighborhoods, empower people, and change lives for the better. If you think we get excited about project approaches and permit approvals, see how we come together for a meaningful cause.

As land development consultants working in the same local and regional communities as our friends and families, we recognize the needs and act on the opportunities to serve.

  • Advancing STEM education and future generations of technical professionals.
  • Partnering with clients and colleagues to apply our skills in places of need.
  • Giving back to the causes and charities most critical to our communities.
  • Supporting the causes closest to our employees and clients.

The result of this service is thousands of annual volunteer hours worked; mentorship and engagement across the K-12 and collegiate spectrum; partnerships with local charities for annual programs and fundraisers; hands-on community building to clean, repair and restore; and engaged, passionate employees who take pride in their work and their communities.

Our employees are fiercely engaged in their work and their drive to help others. We rally behind our charitable initiatives to make a difference in our communities.

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