Permitting and Land Entitlements

Streamlining Land Entitlements for Faster Project Delivery

Bohler facilitates the preparation, processing, and approval of municipal, county, state and federal agency permit applications. From developing entitlement strategies to navigating unique agency processes, we collaborate with all stakeholders to efficiently streamline all permit requirements – allowing you to focus on the big picture.

Avoiding Land Entitlements Pitfalls

Obtaining land entitlements or real estate entitlements can be cumbersome and confusing. Securing approvals is not only required for new construction but also when a property will be put to a new use or significantly change its appearance.

To prevent unexpected roadblocks and challenges, begin by researching the community’s long-term land use plan to determine if the proposed project aligns with the stakeholder needs. If not, address those hurdles before venturing further into the land development process.

Bohler is relentless in helping you navigate through any obstacles of the permitting and entitlements process with confidence and ease and moving your project forward faster.

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Expediting Permitting to Maintain Project Momentum

Bohler’s dedicated permitting specialists look beyond the single application to see the bigger picture and help clients navigate challenges and filing process changes. Our teams are focused on strategizing the permitting process and helping to put our clients on an efficient path forward.




New York City Permit Expediting

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