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07 March, 2023

An Interview with Charlie Yowell, PE

Charlie Yowell, PE, Principal and Branch Manager at Bohler’s Raleigh, North Carolina, office, shares his career journey and valuable insights in a recent interview with BioBuzz. Charlie has extensive experience designing and permitting developments in the life science, research and development, laboratory, and manufacturing sectors. With speed to market in mind, his team at Bohler guides developers in creating flexible and marketable facilities.

Charlie’s career started after he graduated from Virginia Tech with a civil engineering degree. He gained valuable experience in the land development industry, eventually joining Bohler and quickly advancing within the company. In 2016, Charlie embraced the opportunity to move to Raleigh and lead Bohler’s growth in the region. His work involves bringing land development projects to life and providing growth opportunities for his team.

Regarding his success, Charlie emphasizes the importance of personal organization and continuous learning. He encourages young employees to be curious, ask questions, and soak up information. He believes these habits contribute to personal and professional growth.

In the life science real estate space, Charlie identifies trends to meet the high demand, including the conversion of existing office or retail spaces into labs or research development facilities. He emphasizes the need for speed to market and flexibility in these projects and has published an article outlining ways to streamline timelines for building or retrofitting such facilities.

Looking ahead to 2023, Charlie’s focus is on expanding Bohler’s share of the life science market sector. He is excited about the growth of their Raleigh office, which will move into a larger space in the spring.

Catch the whole interview with BioBuzz here.

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