425 Medford Street Moves Forward

18 March, 2024

Image Source: BLDUP

The redevelopment plan for 425 Medford Street in Charlestown, Massachusetts, has received approval.

Developer The Flatley Company, is leading the project, along with Nelson, the architect, and Bohler’s Boston office, which is providing site planning and design. The plan entails constructing six new buildings, and establishing a vibrant mixed-use community along the Mystic River Waterfront.

Image Source: BLDUP

It will encompass office spaces, retail outlets, a hotel, communal areas, and a total of 500 residential units, comprising 400 apartments and 100 homes for ownership. To address resilience concerns, the project will incorporate a resilient barrier along the waterfront, meeting flood resilience standards projected up to 2070.

Additionally, the development will introduce a series of three new public parks within a newly accessible waterfront landscape. The construction is anticipated to occur in phases over the course of 10 to 15 years. Follow this project on BLDUP.

Image Source: BLDUP

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