City of Pittsburgh Stormwater Code Update: What’s Next

09 March, 2021

In Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning (DCP) and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) are leading efforts to create a unified City Stormwater Management Code, expected to roll out in Summer 2021.

The agencies’ goal is to create a clearer code for developers and design professionals. In an effort to make the unified code easier to navigate, the agencies are developing new resources including a Stormwater Design Manual and critical updates to the PWSA Developer Manual.

In consolidating the stormwater-related content within the code, they will remove existing conflicts and overlap, and in turn, streamline plan reviews and approvals.

Throughout the process to update the code, Bohler Pittsburgh Branch Manager Michael Takacs has been engaging with the City and its consultants as a stakeholder representing the land development community, alongside key industry players and community interest groups.

To date, Michael and other stakeholders have reviewed an in-depth analysis of the current code, requirements, technical guidelines, and approval process completed by the City’s consultant team. After identifying areas where the current process could be significantly improved, the City’s team used that feedback to develop recommendations for process improvement, technical design, and alternative compliance options that would offer greater flexibility to developers. Stakeholders have had the opportunity to comment on these preliminary recommendations.

What’s Next?

The City’s consultant committee is currently working on the code revisions and process enhancements, as well as developing the new Stormwater Design Manual. Michael and the stakeholders group continue to remain engaged throughout this process.

For more information about the stormwater code update, visit Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning website.

Wondering how this change will affect your projects? Reach out to Michael for insider information on how to keep your projects moving forward.


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