Historic Pittsburgh Site Overcomes Hurdle for New Mixed-Use Development

01 August, 2023

Image courtesy of Fountain Residential Partners

Dallas-based, Fountain Residential Partners, is looking to build a new mixed-use development at the site of the historic “Tito House” in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s Historic Review Commission approved the demolition of the existing garage and the preservation of the house, to make way for the new development. Originally, the developers planned to reuse some of the garage materials elsewhere on the site, said Bohler Associate Michael Takacs. Now they’re planning to recreate the façade of the garage on the side of their new building in the same spot where the garage now stands. “It very closely mimics the appearance of the actual Tito Garage itself, while being 90% on Tito Garage property,” Takacs said. “We will be reusing that material from the garage to do this.”

“We feel that the combination of the preservation of the Tito House and our efforts to maintain the character and history of the garage into this new building project, it will hopefully meet the goals and intent of all parties involved,” Takacs said.

Plans for the site call for new construction of a 254-unit transit-oriented, mixed-use development serving professionals and students at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Dinwiddie Street. Also included are more than 150 off-street parking spots, bike storage and public art.

Bohler’s Pittsburgh office, led by Takacs, provided site civil engineering, permitting, and landscape architecture services.

Read more in the TRIB Live.

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