A Risk Worth Taking

03 March, 2023

In 2020, as he and his wife were simultaneously working to grow their careers, Chas Evans, then a Project Engineer in Bohler’s Chalfont, PA office, faced a relatable situation: His wife had landed her dream job in another state, and while he was thrilled for her, he also wanted to keep his own job at Bohler. He needed options.

Chas’ wife, Patty, an aerospace engineer, was offered a job in Connecticut. So, Chas looked to see if Bohler had any opportunities in the state. Bohler’s Hartford office had an opening for an Assistant Project Manager, so Chas reached out to Adam Benosky – then Bohler’s Pennsylvania Regional Manager – and explained his situation and asked whether they would consider transferring him to Connecticut.

While he hated to lose Chas in Chalfont, Adam says that he was more concerned about keeping him with the company. “Chas is a great employee, and we want to keep great people,” Adam says. “I reached out to Matt Smith [then Bohler’s New England Regional Manager] and Bill Goebel [then Bohler’s Northeast Divisional Managing Partner], and they were excited to interview Chas for the Connecticut position.”

Taking a Chance

The potential was exciting, but Chas and his wife still had to decide whether relocating to Connecticut was really the best move for them and their daughter, who was six months old at the time. They drove to Connecticut and weighed the pros and cons of leaving the only home they had ever known in Pennsylvania.

They decided to make the move. “There’s a saying that hungry dogs run faster,” Chas says. “We could stay where we were in our comfort zone, but we decided to take the chance.”

Then, Chas had another decision to make: Should he actually transfer to the Connecticut office or stay with the Chalfont team and work remotely? He sought the advice of mentors Adam, Matt, and Geoff Fitzgerald (Hartford Branch Manager), who, he says, helped him think about his career trajectory. The decision came down to career growth.

“Had I been in a different role, maybe a more technical role, a remote position from Connecticut to Pennsylvania might have made more sense, but I knew I wanted to be a project manager,” Chas says. “I wanted to be dealing with clients, and I wanted to be going to hearings and business development events. That’s not something that you can easily do remotely.”

Chas Family

Living the Bohler Way

Chas officially joined the Connecticut team in August of 2020, but he stayed in Pennsylvania until October of that year to help the Chalfont team take a distribution center for NorthPoint over the finish line. Once in Connecticut, Chas focused on building relationships with his new teammates and learning the state’s codes and regulations, which are substantially different from those in Pennsylvania.

The transition went smoothly, he says, because of the team. “Bohler hires folks who align with our culture,” Chas says. “So, when I came here, even though the Connecticut office had been open only three years, it felt like I was moving to a Bohler office that had been established for 10 years. The Bohler team in Connecticut was no different than the Bohler team in Pennsylvania.”

Now a Project Manager in Connecticut, Chas credits Bohler for creating opportunities for not only employees but also their families. The flexibility and encouragement that Bohler provides, he says, have helped both him and his wife achieve their career goals. And for that, he’s grateful.

“We preach in The Bohler Way about pushing the boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone, and everyone really follows through,” he says. “It’s a great thing to be a part of a company that’s like, ‘Hey, we’ve got your back no matter what curveball life throws at you. We’re here to support you.’”

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