The Developer’s Guide to Mastering Mission Critical

This playbook is for data center developers seeking to optimize their processes and mitigate risk at every phase – from site selection and due diligence to entitlements and construction. It’s all in service of maximizing profitability, meeting deadlines, and growing your reputation in the mission critical market.

With proven strategies, quick-reference checklists, and project examples, you’ll find the insights and recommendations you need to expertly navigate the most challenging aspects of data center development and take advantage of opportunities your competitors may miss.

Arm yourself with vital knowledge by downloading the Data Center Development Playbook.

What You’ll Find Inside

The Data Center Development Playbook provides essential information, reliable strategies, and progressive approaches for gaining the edge:

  • Performing extensive and expedited due diligence concurrently
  • Understanding key factors for prime data center site section
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of unconventional sites
  • Minimizing delays and controlling budgets
  • Leveraging time and money-saving programs and tools
  • Addressing unexpected construction conditions
  • And more

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Bohler Data Center Development Playbook: Streamlining Site Selection, Due Diligence, Entitlements, and Construction
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Meet Bohler’s Mission Critical Team

Bohler’s mission critical team has the knowledge, experience, foresight, and agility to help developers move quickly to overcome challenges, innovate, and optimize processes during data center development. To those who desire to capitalize on demand, we bring the full range of capabilities and a proven track record of fast-forwarding our clients’ success.