Fast Answers to Your Most Pressing Industrial Land Development Questions

If you’re seeking to capitalize on the high demand for industrial real estate development, then expediting due diligence and site selection, conducting thorough site planning, and streamlining entitlements are all paramount to land development success.

This guide is designed to accelerate your due diligence process, help you understand risk, and maximize your return on industrial property development. By providing you with proven due diligence, site feasibility, and entitlement approaches, plus quick-reference checklists, the guide helps you address some of the most difficult site planning challenges you’ll face.

Arm yourself with insight by downloading the “Site Feasibility, Due Diligence, and Entitlements” guide for industrial land development professionals.

What You’ll Find Inside

Act fast on market demand with deeper insight on how to expedite your due diligence process, thoroughly assess site feasibility, ensure comprehensive site planning, and manage entitlements, including:

  • What you can’t afford to ignore when expediting due diligence
  • Key factors for controlling your industrial land development budget and schedule
  • Critical considerations for retail conversion projects
  • Factors impacting site feasibility and selection for cold storage projects
  • Ways to surface tenants’ operational needs upfront and avoid problems later
  • How to keep industrial real estate development projects moving forward during the commonly tumultuous tenant sign-on phase

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Due Diligence: The Essential Guide for Industrial Land Developers
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Meet Bohler Industrial

Bohler’s industrial team partners with experienced developers and those new to the industrial market to help them advance faster and diversify and grow their portfolio. From due diligence and site feasibility to site planning for distribution centers, warehouses, last mile facilities, retail conversions, cold storage, and more, our focus is always on moving your project and business forward with greater ease, acumen, and speed.