Sage at Hudson_Watercolor Rendering

The forthcoming SageLife, a luxurious 170-unit senior living community currently under construction in Hudson, MA, features more than an array of exceptional amenities. The project posed significant design challenges for the development team, including limitations to the existing public sewer and connection across a river. Bohler’s team met the sanitary system obstacles head-on with innovative, time-saving solutions to bring the project to life.

With the site located more than a quarter-mile away from the closest connection point, our team designed and permitted a private sewer line extension from the SageLife facility to the municipal sanitary sewer system.

Once connected, further improvements to the public system required running a sewer pipe beneath a river. To avoid a lengthy permitting process and properly run the system under the water, piping needed to be placed five feet under the riverbed. Because of the river’s size and rapid flow, trenching or cofferdams weren’t feasible. Bohler’s team sought another solution to achieve the depth required.

Cofferdams are temporary structures that allow the enclosed area to be pumped dry for construction.

Our team proposed the new 12” sanitary sewer siphon be installed via directional drilling instead. This less-invasive method uses a robotic drilling machine to bore a tunnel beneath the river, pulling the pipe, enclosed within a sleeve, through the hole to the other side.

Bohler’s collaboration with municipal stakeholders helped to design and permit the project on an expedited timeline. Our team successfully obtained approvals from the Conservation Commission and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), which is a complex process involving several technical reviews.

Bohler provided site civil and consulting engineering, permitting and landscape architecture services for the project. Upon completion, SageLife will offer 61 independent living apartments, 86 assisted living units and 23 memory care units.

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