3 Reasons to Consider Celina, TX for Your Next Investment

25 September, 2020

Celina, TX, located just over 10 miles north of the booming office hub of Frisco, is experiencing a surge in population growth.

Exploding by 72% between 2014 and 2018, the City is projecting to double its population again by 2025, according to the Celina Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Such population growth indicates an increased demand for all types of development, providing developers with a plethora of opportunities.

At Thursday’s EDC “Business Round Table,” I joined a panel of real estate professionals in highlighting these opportunities and three reasons why developers and owners should consider Celina for their next land development investment project.

1. There’s growth potential for every market sector.

Right now, we’re seeing a boom in both single-family and low-rise multifamily developments. With the influx of residents, there’s opportunity for retail, healthcare, and industrial developments to enter the market.

2. Strong demographics create opportunity for successful development.

Though Celina is a small city, its numbers for college degree holders (48%), median income ($98,000), and average home value ($408,000) (Celina Fast Facts, January 2020) are impressive. These stats alone indicate a market ripe for high-end development.

3. Celina fosters development.

City officials understand the development process from a developer’s point of view and the role development activity plays in positioning the City for long-term success. They have demonstrated a desire to work with developers to arrive at common goals and a willingness to be flexible in zoning regulations that allow development to thrive.

If you’re considering developing in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, Celina’s a great place to get started. Bohler’s teams have the insider knowledge of the area and strong working relationships with City leaders to help you accomplish your goals.

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