3 Ways Landscape Architects Influence the Redevelopment Process

06 February, 2024

Considering a redevelopment project? Landscape architects bring a unique perspective to the end-user experience, the project timeline, and adapting to challenging natural characteristics on-site.

Engaging a landscape architect early in the redevelopment process, when they have more time to implement their ideas, can have a favorable impact on the final design.

At the recent New Jersey Chapter – American Society of Landscape Architects (NJASLA) Conference, James Thaon and Adam Alexander from Bohler’s New Jersey region highlighted the importance of landscape architects in redevelopment. Explore their main conference takeaways below.

1. Contributing to Strategic Site Design

Landscape architects help to analyze topography, assess environmental conditions, and integrate elements like pathways, landscaping, lighting and amenities to ensure the site design is not only functional, but aligns aesthetically with the overall vision for sustainable and user-friendly spaces.

2. Producing Effective Renderings

Landscape architects can produce detailed drawings and renderings that effectively illustrate design concepts to both clients and the public. Quality visual representations can showcase spatial relationships, materials, and proposed features, helping others to visualize the project.

3. Creating a Sense of Place

Landscape architects create a sense of place by blending natural and built elements, cultural references, and contextual considerations to evoke a distinct identity that resonates with the community and enhances the overall experience of the space.

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