Resilience in Diversity: Opportunities for Mixed-Use

13 May, 2024

Mixed-use projects continue to thrive despite construction challenges, with developers attracted to their flexibility, financial viability, and functionality.

Merouane El Kaoussi, Associate and Branch Manager in Bohler’s Boca Raton, Florida, office, notes the increasing desire among developers for mixed-use properties in a recent interview with Shopping Center Business. Incorporating residential, entertainment, hotel, and office spaces, this trend diversifies income streams and enhances economic stability. Additionally, mixed-use developments address retail space imbalances, with a decline in construction activity leading to a nationwide retail vacancy rate decrease.

This shift helps ensure greater income diversity and economic stability within their projects. The emerging trend of the live-work-play concept has breathed new life into retail spaces, presenting a lucrative opportunity for developers.

Merouane El Kaoussi, Associate | Branch Manager

Merouane emphasizes the importance of strategic assessment and prioritization amid economic shifts, highlighting the need for collaboration with a diverse design team to navigate challenges effectively.

The key to asset resilience lies not in freezing progress, but in strategic assessment and prioritization.

Merouane El Kaoussi, Associate | Branch Manager

Municipalities are recognizing the benefits of mixed-use projects, which mitigate traffic congestion, promote sustainability, and foster community engagement. While financing remains a challenge, particularly for vertically integrated or large-scale projects, the trend towards mixed-use developments persists due to their ability to meet consumer demands and support high rents in specific areas.

Read the full story in Shopping Center Business here.

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