Celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month

11 April, 2024

Behind the Scenes: Meet the People Behind Your Projects

In celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month, we’re highlighting some of the talented individuals responsible for bringing your projects to life.

As planners, landscape architects, and designers, our team recognizes the profound impact of their work on the environment and communities they serve. This feature showcases the passion, creativity, and expertise in designing innovative and sustainable landscapes.

Learn more about the unique perspectives and experiences of some of our team members who play a vital role in shaping the world through landscape architecture.

Kevin Aust

Director of planning and landscape architecture, Orlando, FL


What is one thing you love about Planning and Landscape Architecture?

I love the opportunity planning, landscape architecture, and design presents to enhance the firm’s overall approach to site planning and design by merging perspectives to provide quality solutions. Overlapping viewpoints, experiences, and areas of expertise across multiple disciplines brings value to our clients’ projects and ultimately improves the end-user experience. 

What is a project you were proud to be part of?

Two projects that stand out are Unity Park in Ocoee, Florida, and the Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute (OHJOI) on the downtown Orlando Health campus. Unity Park will help transform downtown Ocoee in the coming decade by providing a new civic open space while facilitating redevelopment by serving as a master stormwater facility. Inherent in the design are multiple environmental strategies to merge the use of the space with its form and function to impact the city for generations. 

The OHJOI is the only orthopedic facility of its kind in the southeast. Located in a complex urban environment, the site design seamlessly merges the building’s unique architectural rhythm with the overall campus. It incorporates low-impact development strategies to pretreat stormwater runoff in a beautiful environment while facilitating all of the necessary functions a major hospital requires. 


Jessica Campbell

Senior Landscape Architect, Towson, MD 


What is one thing you love about landscape architecture?

What drew me to Bohler was the fact that landscape architects and site civil engineers get the opportunity to consistently work together. By taking a holistic design approach to projects, especially complicated sites, you end up with this wonderful product that not only works but is successful for the end-user too. 

What is a project you were proud to be part of?

Avalon Bay at Foundry Row is definitely on of my favorites! Located in Baltimore County, the project consisted of a multifamily complex with three courtyards, two dog parks, one pool, lighting design, signage development, site grading related to ADA access, and detailed planting design. It was an exciting landscape architecture project because, while we did have a program from the client, it allowed us an opportunity to be creative in all aspects of design including layout, grading, lighting, and even site furnishings.  

This one is particularly special because it’s the first project in which I got an opportunity to see all the layers of design come together and how they could work to reinforce one another. Plus, I got to see the project come to life which is awesome!  

Leslie Fanger

Senior Project Manager, Southborough, MA


How does landscape architecture impact land development?

Landscape Architects holistically approach land development by understanding our clients’ goals, zoning requirements, site opportunities, building placement, site circulation, and planting design. We view land development through a lens of practical aesthetics where a drainage basin can become a rain garden supporting vegetation that filters toxins from stormwater and land between buildings is transformed into amenity areas that encourage human interaction and a sense of community.  

What is the most out-of-the-box design or solution you’ve ever designed/worked on?

The Subaru of New England Corporate headquarters and distribution center, a model of sustainable design, achieving LEED Platinum from the US Green Building Council. As the project Landscape Architect, I viewed a major challenge presented by the large, open drainage system on a sloping site, as an opportunity to filter stormwater through a series of rain gardens and a faux waterfall flowing into a stone-lined stream channel. The approach to the main entrance at Subaru of New England Corporate Headquarters now appears as a natural water system set within a colorful landscape.  


Brett Waldman

Senior Landscape Architect, Boca Raton, FL


Why did you become a landscape architect?

During my early college days, when I first learned about Landscape Architecture, it became clear that this field encompassed a range of subjects that deeply interested me, including ecology, plants, architecture, urban design, and public art. One of its standout qualities is the diversity and flexibility it offers, allowing individuals to forge their own unique paths within the profession.  

Additionally, I was drawn to the idea that what defines the character of a place or city are the shared public spaces—like tree-lined streets, plazas, and parks—where people gather and interact. I realized this fascination at an early age and loved exploring new places to experience these unique qualities. Landscape Architecture, therefore, emerged as the ideal avenue for me to pursue this passion. 

How can landscape architecture contribute to more sustainable land development?

As Landscape Architects, we must factor in time when making design decisions. Considering how a site will evolve and mature over a number of years to become a better environment is a crucial aspect of our work. I always strive to assess how our team can enhance our projects from ecological/planting, water-wise, and spatial perspectives.  

Florida’s rapid development means our space and resources are finite, emphasizing the need to carefully preserve environmental qualities while creating functional, livable spaces that meet our clients’ requirements. This ongoing challenge keeps our work engaging and dynamic.

Andy Filcik

Senior Landscape Architect, Charlotte, NC


What is one thing you love about Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Design?

The camaraderie within the planning, landscape architecture, and design group at Bohler has been evident from day one. I have worked with multiple other office PLAD groups throughout my time here at Bohler and each time it has been like I am talking with someone I have known for much longer than I have. Knowing that I can call a fellow Bohler landscape architect across the country and instantly relate to them is something I am very grateful for.  

What is a project you were proud to be part of?

My favorite project that I’ve been involved in is Yardley Flats, which was led by Greg Mascola, Project Manager, Landscape Architecture & Planning, and our PLAD team in Warren, New Jersey. The project is an apartment complex that is more or less attached to the future Tennessee Smokies baseball stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was brought in to create custom 3D renderings of the amenity spaces based on the construction documents and details that were created by our Warren team. These renderings were used for marketing purposes and even featured in the Knoxville New Sentinel, the local newspaper. I look forward to seeing that project constructed! 


Kristine Kopia

Senior Landscape Designer, Warren, NJ


What is one thing you love about Planning and Landscape Architecture?

Planning and Landscape Architecture is such a melting pot of disciplines. We are constantly working with so many different people on every project — architects, civil engineers, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, interior designers, contractors, planners — some of which are even in house. Because of this, it’s easier to cultivate an understanding of each unique perspective outside of our own. I’ve grown to appreciate this a lot as it has helped strengthen my understanding of the built world and helped shape designs more realistically. 

What is a project you were proud to be part of?

The Crossings at Brick Church Station in East Orange, New Jersey, stands out to me. My involvement started in 2018, when I worked with Tung-To Lam, Associate, and his civil team to design the landscape and lighting plans per city code. Our hard work landed us contracts to design two roof amenity courtyards for Building A and the streetscape that cuts through the site from the historic church to the train station. 

With the support of Mike Dwyer, Project Manager, Landscape Architecture & Planning, and Adam Alexander, Associate, I took the project from concept to construction documents with a design that infused the city’s history and a sense of community pride to create a place that attracts visitors and supports the city’s culture and local businesses. I also had the opportunity to put together a few 2D and 3D renderings throughout the life of the design for different aspects of the site. 

The site is currently under construction, and we are finalizing the streetscape plans. To say that I am proud to have been a part of this project is an understatement. It has been exciting to experience so many facets of a project and see everything come together during construction. 

Mike Woods

Lead Landscape Designer, Herndon, VA


What is one thing you love about Planning and Landscape Architecture?

I love that planning and landscape architecture offers such a wide variety of services, not only because it sets apart our group as being versatile but also because work stays interesting. You could be working on renderings one day, a compliance plan the next, and then going out on a tree inventory the day after. 

What is a project you were proud to be part of?

I was proud to work on the ongoing Wolf Trap improvements with Travis Frank, Assistant Project Manager. Being a big music fan and collaborating on a space that the public could enjoy frequently was a big win for our team and for me personally. 


Travis North

Senior Project Manager, Chalfont, PA


Why did you become a landscape architect?

I always wanted some sort of design career, and I was initially attracted to Architecture.  But then I learned about Landscape Architecture and was drawn to the concept of a space evolving with age.  In the outdoor environment, features of a designed space are exposed to the elements, and some of your building blocks (plants) grow and change over time. So a new space can feel very different from an aged space.  The most successful spaces – the ones that are popular and lived in – will be around for a long time.  Some of the best ones may not look man-made at all.  There’s something really appealing to that type of design, and so Landscape Architecture was very attractive to me. 

How can landscape architecture contribute to more sustainable land development?

Landscape Architecture is the perfect blend of science and art, which is the perfect way to provide both sustainability and education about an ecological landscape.  For example, something as simple as stormwater management can be turned into a feature for a project, which can also help to educate young generations about groundwater recharge or cleaning of stormwater. A stormwater management facility can be more than a simple hole in the ground. It can be a playful space with boulders, bridges, and places to sit and walk through the facility. 

Katherine Day

Senior Landscape Designer, West Hartford, CT


What is one thing you love about Planning and Landscape Architecture?

One thing I love about planning and landscape architecture at Bohler is our New England team! I’ve been at Bohler since August of 2023, and everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I see Bohler as a great place to grow and learn on my journey to becoming a licensed landscape architect. I have enjoyed the variety of project types and exploring my creative freedom in landscape design. 

What is a project you were proud to be part of?

A project that I am proud to be a part of is a residential development in Middle Island, New York. This project is still in the beginning stages and has gone through many iterations of conceptual layouts. I have been proud to be a part of the concept planning with my manager, Wayne Violette, Sr. Project Manager, Landscape Architecture & Planning. 

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