Cohesive Uses Within Village at Valley Forge

Home to the second largest mall in the country, King of Prussia, PA has long been a shopper’s mecca. But with the evolving retail climate, developers had another vision for a vacant 130-acre plot down the road.

Working to create a live/work/play community featuring an upscale experiential center, office space, and luxury residential options, the owner’s team master planned The Village at Valley Forge.

Though rough grading and stormwater management design were completed with the master plan, Bohler was responsible for completing the micro design for each individual parcel as it was sold. While working to help each buyer achieve their goals and keep up with speed-to-market demands, Bohler had to keep sight of the big picture to ensure the entire development would come together cohesively. In addition, the team faced environmental challenges that resulted in careful stormwater design for each parcel.

Keeping a Bird’s-Eye View

As each parcel came under agreement, Bohler jumped in to finalize lot lines, smooth out grading, and design the stormwater conveyance systems. Individual developer and tenant needs varied, and each site posed different challenges. By keeping a focus on the big picture and understanding how the entire site would eventually come together, Bohler was able to creatively tweak subdivision lines, or borrow dirt from one parcel to another to keep the project moving forward.

Coordinating on Aggressive Timelines

Due to the permitting process that was put in place for overall tract, an additional layer of review was required for each parcel. The seller had to approve each of Bohler’s plans prior to township submission. This resulted in additional coordination and an even more accelerated timeline to allow for that review period.

To get each parcel’s development approved and under construction as soon as possible, Bohler often prepared plans, coordinated reviews, and obtained approvals, all within a three-month timeframe.

Cohesive Uses Within Village at Valley Forge

Addressing Sinkhole Susceptibility

Working within the parameters of the master plan, Bohler designed the stormwater conveyance systems for each individual parcel. Due to the high probability of sinkholes on the site, all pipes had to be watertight, and each basin was lined to prevent leakage. On several occasions, Bohler’s design required a modification of an existing basin, a complex process that included obtaining an update to the permits.

Elevating the Everyday

With attention to detail, but keeping an eye on the big picture, Bohler successfully brought the entire town center together. Meeting each individual buyer’s aggressive deadlines, the team designed for accessibility, visibility, and maximized space. Coordinating with many different consultant teams and overcoming each parcel’s unique design challenges, Bohler kept the project moving forward. Today, The Village at Valley Forge represents the newest hot spot, transforming the suburban area into an urban downtown destination.

130 Acres
2M SF Office and Retail Space
2.5K Units

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