Maximizing Small Site to Create Unparalleled Experience

As Charlotte’s South End continues to flourish, developer Ram Realty saw an opportunity to bring an unparalleled, high-end multifamily housing experience to the desirable community.

Faced with space constraint challenges of an urban infill development, the project team used all corners of the 0.36-acre parcel to bring Hawk to life. The project required creative solutions and team collaboration.

Finding Solutions to Sewer Capacity Constraints

During the planning stages, the development team discovered a potential project-threatening challenge with site sewer connection: The City’s sewer was at capacity and could not accept wastewater of an additional project.

Bohler was determined to help Ram Realty find a solution. The team proactively spearheaded coordination efforts and drove several meetings with Charlotte Water, enabling Ram Realty to secure the conditional approvals needed to move forward with the project and connect to the public system once upsized.

Securing Green Light on Building Height

Given the small parcel size, options to increase density were limited to building vertical. With a goal of creating an intimate atmosphere within the building, Ram Realty wanted to maintain only six units per floor.

This increased the number of floors needed in order to achieve their desired tenant occupancy, pushing the building height outside of regulations. By collaborating with City staff, Bohler successfully coordinated a rezoning approval to allow for the additional stories.

Construction Coordination to Mitigate Field Issues

After successfully achieving Ram Realty’s unit target within the tall building, the team developed a complex foundation involving many piles topped with a concrete cap to support the building’s height. Bohler worked with the team’s structural engineer during design to ensure the piles were properly located around the building’s sanitary sewer and within the required setbacks.

Bohler was again proactive in calling attention to this during construction, assisting the contractor in precise installation of the steel beams. The team’s pre-coordination provided an opportunity to mitigate potential construction issues in the field that would have delayed the project.

Contributing to South End’s rapid growth, Ram Realty introduced a luxury living experience unlike any other available. “These unique apartments will feature the highest quality finishes in the market and cater to the resident looking for a rental housing option with the benefits of a private residence,” according to Ram Realty’s Rachel Russell Krenz.

In finding creative solutions to maximize density on the small site, working with the City to navigate height restrictions and sewer capacity challenges, and mitigate field issues associated with a complex foundation, Bohler’s team helped bring the luxury community to life.

These unique apartments will feature the highest quality finishes in the market and cater to the resident looking for a rental housing option with the benefits of a private residence.

— Rachel Russell Krenz, Ram Realty

13 Stories
70 Units
6K Retail Space

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