On-Call Consulting for the City of Rahway

For more than 18 years, the City of Rahway has looked to Bohler as a trusted advisor, providing value to tax payers by offering quality services, attentiveness, and cost-efficient methods to meet their needs. As the consulting engineer, Bohler has handled design for many engineering projects, including roadway resurfacing, utility upgrades or extensions, redevelopments, and flood control facilities.

With a dedicated internal team, effective subconsultant management, and strong relationships with City staff, Bohler continues to be the partner moving Rahway forward.

Streetscape and Other Long-Term Projects

Seeking opportunities to maximize budget and ensure design consistency throughout the life of a project, Bohler gets involved early. This streamlines the master planning process and allows Bohler to guide the design from the start.

  • 10-year Downtown Revitalization Plan: Engaged in the process early, Bohler developed the City’s typical streetscape detail, which has been implemented throughout all phases of the project, including replacement of all sidewalks, street lighting, and street trees. To maximize the City’s budget, Bohler ensured the design was cost-effective and low-maintenance but aesthetically pleasing.

Infrastructure: Planned Projects and Emergency Repairs

As an on-call engineer, Bohler responds to emergencies involving infrastructure as well as designing major rebuild or upgrade projects. Bohler’s familiarity with the City’s systems enables the team to execute these projects quickly and efficiently.

  • Water Main Interconnect Pipeline: Bohler provided civil engineering design services for a new 16-inch interconnect pipeline, including everything from the preparation of a survey through construction administration. The technical project required directional drilling under the Rahway River.
  • Generator Upgrades to Pump Station Repairs: Following Hurricane Sandy, Bohler provided engineering design services to assist with generator replacement for each of the four stormwater pump stations throughout the City. To prevent backup and flooding from major storms, keeping the pump stations running at all times is critical.

Major Redevelopments and New Projects

Bohler provides land development consulting services contributing to the master planning of future projects, as well as full engineering design services for redevelopment and new ground-up facilities. To bring the projects to life, Bohler has also facilitated grant application assistance, public bid process coordination, and construction observation.

  • Municipal Complex Redevelopment: Bohler helped transform an existing facility within the City Hall Plaza complex into a four-story residential building over a parking structure.
  • Rahway Public Library: Bohler provided site design for a new four-story, 75,000-SF library that was incorporated into the City’s master plan for future development.

Benefits of an Established Relationship

Bohler’s 18-year relationship with the City of Rahway is distinguished by flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness. By utilizing a dedicated team, Bohler’s staff understands the City’s goals, is familiar with the existing utility systems, and has built relationships over the years that promote the efficient resolution of issues. Ultimately, Bohler’s approach to this on-call contract has created opportunities to improve the City’s master planning processes through successful project execution.

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