Relationships Fuel Accomplishment at The Grove at Frontier

When Lanterra Group, a Texas-based development team, approached the City of Celina, TX with interest in developing a 32-acre project near the City’s entrance, Celina’s Economic Development Corporation and City Council welcomed the transformative project as an opportunity to create an inviting gateway to the growing Dallas-Fort Worth suburb.

Proposing residential, restaurants, retail, and office uses, The Grove at Frontier is the City’s largest mixed-use development to date. But before the project could move forward, Lanterra needed a residential partner as well as a strong project team to navigate the challenges of developing a highly visible, multi-faceted project.

Based on Bohler’s City knowledge, industry connections, and ability to successfully integrate the different aspects of the project, Lanterra engaged the firm early to assist with conceptual planning.

Connecting the Team and Integrating Ideas

Understanding Lanterra’s overall vision to incorporate a residential component to the project, Bohler made an introduction to NexMetro Communities, a developer specializing in leasable cottage-style residences. Their unique product would fit a growing need in the community and function as an effective transition to the traditional single-family property neighboring the development. The two formed a joint venture to tackle the project.

To build stakeholder consensus, Bohler brought the development team and City together to create a cohesive vision, identify potential challenges, and develop feasible concepts. Excited about the opportunity Lanterra was bringing to the community, City officials were heavily involved in all aspects of the development process.

Providing Platting Options

Sitting at the gateway of City of Celina, The Grove at Frontier is a prominent location for tenants. Bohler’s survey team was tasked with providing boundary surveys for each parcel of land within the development. Due to the amount of interest from various tenants, Bohler’s survey team produced several platting options during the conceptual design of the project. This allowed the developer to see how the parcel would look based on the type of tenant that occupied that portion of land.

Navigating a Rezoning Process

Initiating negotiations with the City of Celina, Bohler helped navigate a complex rezoning process for the site that allowed for each of the proposed uses. Rather than requesting zoning relief from the existing code, the team proposed a new ordinance written specifically for the project that met each stakeholder’s requirements and kept the project moving forward.

Transforming the Community

As the gateway to Celina, The Grove at Frontier will bring local retailers, restaurants and new living options to the traditionally rural community. With nearly $100 million in taxable property value, the entire project will almost double the current tax base. Bohler’s ability to make connections and bring stakeholders together created an opportunity for a collaborative design and development process, successfully fulfilling the team’s vision.

130 Single Family Homes
14K+ SF Retail Space
300 Multifamily Units

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