Renewed Market Interest Sparks Subdivision Redesign

When luxury home builder W.B. Homes originally developed the Vistas at Highland Ridge subdivision, it was designed and permitted under old stormwater management regulations.

At the time, only a few of the one-acre home sites were completed, along with grading, stormwater management controls, and infrastructure for the entire 23-lot development.

Several years later, when the market for 2,500 – 3,800 SF single-family homes made a comeback, W.B. found a renewed interest in the neighborhood. But to keep selling home sites, the project was subject to new, more stringent regulations. The team was challenged to update and redesign the site, while working around the existing elements, including built homes, graded lots, stormwater management systems, roadways, and on-site sewage systems for every lot.

Updating the Design Around Constructed Elements

Based on Pennsylvania’s new stormwater management guidelines, Bohler’s team was tasked with managing a larger volume of runoff, as well as providing more thorough and effective treatment of the water. Due to physical constraints, the existing basin couldn’t be modified, but by creatively retrofitting rain gardens behind unbuilt lots and regrading undeveloped portions of the site, they were able to meet the new standards.

While the unique situation led to extensive coordination with reviewers, Bohler’s team kept the project on track. Ultimately obtaining renewed approvals, the creative solutions and unwavering efforts allowed W.B. to quickly sell out the remaining lots.

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27 Acres
23 Luxury Homes
1 Acre Lots

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