Turning Challenges Into Opportunity at Brookside Community

With big ambitions to develop a single-family community rich with amenities and emulating a rural feel, Brookside Development acquired a 1,000-acre piece of land in Warrenton, VA. Featuring miles of trails, four lakes, two pools, and a large community center, the sprawling Brookside Community was desirable for both the homebuilder and county alike.

Then – crash. The housing market plummeted. Making the most of the volatile economy, Brookside shifted its focus to developing lots that would sell and delivering them to the homebuilder as quickly as possible. Working as a partner to keep the project moving forward through the downturn, Bohler found opportunities to maximize density, expedite approvals, and enhance amenities throughout the community.

Adapting to a Market Downturn

Recognizing that smaller lots were still selling in the slowing market, Bohler identified an opportunity to maximize density. The team acted quickly to revise the site layout and add more of the attractive-sized lots to the plan.

Collaborating to Expedite Approvals

Resisting the addition of smaller lots, Fauquier County urged Brookside to maintain the rural, country feel within the community. Bohler established a collaborative design and permitting strategy, meeting with reviewers to understand their concerns, and balancing County requests with Brookside’s vision.

Developing solutions that met all stakeholder needs and leveraging strong agency relationships, Bohler obtained approvals in record time. With a significant amount of off-site roadwork proposed, the team also helped Brookside secure public funding to pay for nearly half the work.

Maximizing Amenities Through Stormwater Management

Taking advantage of an on-site resource, Bohler identified an opportunity for cost savings through the use of an existing farm pond for stormwater management. Creatively designing improvements to allow the pond to handle water runoff from the development, Bohler enhanced the community’s amenity offerings, creating several waterfront lots.

Positive Outcomes

By quickly adapting to economic changes, maximizing sellable lots, and expediting approvals, Bohler created an opportunity for Brookside to excel through a market recession. Through close collaboration with County officials, the team maintained the desired rural feel throughout the 1,000-lot community, and with cost-saving stormwater solutions, Bohler converted an existing pond, ultimately enhancing the community’s feature attraction.

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