Driving Innovative Design Trends Across Long Island 

28 February, 2024


Long Island Business News’ latest investigation into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change reveals a surge in demand for health-conscious and environmentally friendly spaces. 

From converting underutilized office and industrial space to residential use, and renovating existing buildings to better accommodate work-from-home concepts, Long Island developers are driving trends in architectural design and site civil engineering solutions. Bohler’s Eric Meyn contributed to the piece, alongside Cameron Engineering & Associates’ John Cameron and H2M Architects’ Kevin Paul.  
“Adaptive reuse is one unique way to address development challenges,” says Eric. “Given Long Island’s dense population and cost-conscious mentality, this innovative approach to development has become critical.”  

Modular construction has the potential to not only shorten construction timelines, but also minimize disturbance.”

— Eric Meyn, Associate

Modular construction methods are also becoming more popular. “This method has the potential to not only shorten construction timelines, but also minimize disturbance, especially in situations where the site has limited space for staging or is located in sensitive areas like residential neighborhoods or protected environments,” says Eric. 
Many of these innovations have emerged as more developers adopt the U.S Green Building Council’s green building certification standard, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). “Some municipalities require specific LEED criteria, while others offer incentives to developers who achieve higher yields,” Eric notes. 

Some municipalities offer incentives to developers who achieve higher yields with LEED criteria.

— Eric Meyn, Associate

Several towns on Long Island are also going “green” by upgrading critical infrastructure such as wastewater management, public space design, and civil engineering projects. Read the full article on Long Island Business News here. 

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