Embracing the Benefits of Data Centers

29 September, 2023

Transforming Communities through Site Improvement

Amid rapid data center development, it’s crucial to highlight the positive effects of these facilities such as site transformation, revenue generation, and infrastructure improvement.

As experienced land development consultants, we guide developers in proactively addressing community concerns before they jeopardize or derail projects. When collaborating with local communities for a data center development, here are the key benefits to consider featuring in your presentation.

1. Site Improvement

Data centers can revitalize and repurpose neglected or abandoned sites. They can often transform deserted locations like abandoned junkyards, into modern, well-maintained facilities. By breathing new life into these sites, data centers contribute to site improvement and appearance, significantly elevating the neighborhood’s visual appeal.

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2. Low Impact on Community Resources

Data centers, unlike other developments, often have little impact on community resources such as fire services, schools, and police departments. Compared to office buildings, retail locations, or residential neighborhoods, data centers have lower traffic volumes resulting in minimal impacts on local transportation.

Although data centers are highly automated, they still create a considerable number of jobs for security and support personnel. This means that data centers are able to contribute tax revenue to the community without burdening local resources or requiring the expansion of public services.

3. Proactively Addressing Community Concerns

It’s critical to recognize that neighborhood concerns around data centers are valid. However, our design and development teams are working hard to address these concerns. In a prior article, we explored the importance of community engagement, environmental assessments, and the adoption of sustainable practices in the development process. Developers are committed to reducing any potential negative consequences and working with communities to create mutually beneficial solutions.

4. Potential for Infrastructure Enhancements

Data centers have the potential to significantly improve local infrastructure. They require consistent and reliable access to various resources such as roads, water, sewer, network fiber, and electrical infrastructure for their operations. In fact, data center developers frequently invest in strengthening and upgrading key infrastructural elements to support their business. These enhancements not only benefit the data center but also contribute to the development of a more robust and advanced infrastructure that can attract additional developments and help boost the local economy.

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Among legitimate data center concerns, acknowledging their numerous community advantages is critical. They revitalize sites, increase revenue without straining local resources, and promote development. Developers work with communities to solve problems, while infrastructure enhancements drive economic growth. Embracing these benefits positions data centers as agents of positive change encouraging communities to realize their full potential.

This is Part 2 of a three-part series. Learn more in Part 1 – Addressing Community Concerns in Data Center Development and Part 3 – Navigating the Data Center Design and Approval Process. 
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As a seasoned professional and a Principal at Bohler, John brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront of the Central & Southern Virginia offices. John’s comprehensive background underscores his exceptional capabilities, particularly in the design and implementation of intricate drainage, water, wastewater, and transportation systems. His vision and technical acumen have been pivotal in shaping resilient and sustainable infrastructure projects and elevating communities to new heights.

Among his most notable accomplishments, John takes the helm in overseeing the design and development of high-profile data center facilities across Virginia. This critical role underscores his ability to tackle projects of immense scale and significance, contributing to the state’s technological advancement and economic growth.

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