Future-Proofing Industrial Development

10 June, 2024

Strategies in Supply Chain Resilience


At the recent NAIOP I.CON East conference in Jersey City, I joined a panel of experts who emphasized the crucial need for supply chain resilience to ensure the long-term viability of businesses and communities.

Anne Strauss-Wieder, freight and public policy instructor at Rutgers University, moderated the panel, highlighting the importance of viewing disruptions as a spectrum and planning accordingly through coordination, collaboration, and communication. David Greek, managing partner at Greek Real Estate Partners, stressed the necessity of building resilience from the beginning of projects by maintaining a strong investor base, using conservative leverage, incorporating flexible design, and securing good insurance.

Beth Demba, head of capital deployment for the East at Prologis, pointed out the shift in customer demand for secure inventory post-COVID-19, underscoring the need for building design flexibility. That’s where I jumped in, stressing the importance of future-proofing industrial sites to enhance resilience.

At Bohler, we perform thorough upfront due diligence for backup power and freight access, balancing necessity with economic feasibility. I emphasized the importance of evaluating resilience with clients, as many are increasingly aware of its significance. We encourage developers to actively engage with tenants to understand their resilience needs and work together on implementing effective strategies.

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Overall, the panel emphasized that proactive planning and collaboration are critical for mitigating risks and ensuring long-term viability.

Read NAIOP’s full recap here.

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As Principal and Branch Manager of Bohler’s Warren, NJ office, Brad assumes a multifaceted role encompassing overseeing day-to-day operations, office growth, project management, quality assurance, team development, and client communication. With a rich portfolio spanning commercial, industrial, and residential developments, Brad boasts over a decade of hands-on experience in site civil engineering design for projects across New Jersey.

From initial due diligence to project completion, Brad is the driving force behind every project phase. His adeptness in site design, permitting, and regulatory agency coordination ensures projects progress smoothly, staying on schedule and within budget constraints. Employing strategic foresight, Brad adeptly navigates projects through design development, approvals, and construction, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes.

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