Master Planning Game Plan: Three Things to Strategize Before Design

19 July, 2018

Most projects receive the least amount of thought and consideration during the most important stage, before design. Once a master planned project enters design, changes of any kind can waste time and money. More frequently than not, overlooking key elements which impact the overall development may cause these changes down the road. Engaging your civil engineering partner during development planning can help prevent this.

Three of the most commonly overlooked areas during the planning stage that your civil engineer can help you strategize include:

1. An earthwork game plan

Earthwork can be the biggest variable or risk to a development’s ROI. Conducting a Mass Balance Grading Analysis during the planning stage establishes an earthwork strategy to reduce the earthwork cut and fill, and saves time and money.

2. Overall utility and stormwater management needs

Utility design and stormwater management present great opportunities for employing good engineering practices and designing efficiently. Minimize wasted effort by having your civil engineering consultant master plan the utilities as soon as the master plan is in place, instead of designing it phase by phase. This will enable you to work towards a product where the completed system meets the needs of the overall site, not simply a select portion of the project. Consider utility design during planning to maximize ROI by eliminating inefficient and duplicative construction.

3. Site plan submissions and bonding strategy

The entitlement process can be subjective and frustrating. There is tremendous benefit to working with the jurisdiction to determine the most effective submittal approach for each project. In certain cases, developing an overall site plan and issuing revisions as the project progresses may cut down review fees and jurisdictional review time. Bonding each phase separately could free up bond capacity and cash outlay. Your civil engineering consultant can outline a winning strategy for your project.

Considering these areas up front helps to position your development for success. Engaging your civil engineering consultant in the master plan process can minimize the need for costly redesigns later in the project and unnecessary work. It also offers the full design team an opportunity to understand your vision and provide innovative ideas in a collaborative environment.

Interested in establishing a game plan that positions your master planned project for long term success? Contact one of Bohler’s land development specialists today.

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