Engineers Week 2021: Imagining Tomorrow

23 February, 2021

We’re celebrating Engineers Week 2021 with a look at the future. This year’s theme, Imagining Tomorrow, is all about how engineers are changing the world by being at the forefront of solutions that will make the world a better place.

In keeping with the forward-looking theme and honoring the progress and accomplishments our teams have made and will continue to make, engineers across Bohler’s footprint shared what they’re looking forward to in the future of engineering.

Their responses reveal how our teams are leading our clients and communities through change, innovating creative solutions to the toughest challenges, and implementing green practices.


What are you most excited about in the future of engineering?

Solving the repurposing of assets for our clients. We are just beginning to see the pandemic’s impact on the real estate world, and those impacts will continue to evolve and be seen for years to come. I’m excited for the challenge that comes with exploring the redevelopment of properties for new uses, which can have a very positive impact for all parties involved.”

Zack Richards, Project Manager, Boston


I am most excited to see how new and innovative design methods will improve the efficiency of our future design and how creativity can effectively be integrated into our projects.”

Esanye Ogbe, Design Engineer, Bowie


The reason I got involved in civil engineering is to be able to assist in the development of infrastructure projects in cities and the surrounding areas. To give back to the City of Philadelphia and to be able to provide future homes to families, access to food, and locations to build careers means the world to me.”

Tyler Moyer, Design Engineer, Philadelphia


Engineering is all about problem solving, so I’m most excited about tackling the challenges that come up and helping our people, clients, and communities to solve any problems that come our way!”

Brett Buckland, Project Manager, Atlanta


I get most excited about the endless creativity that results from challenging problems and great minds working together. No two days are ever the same and you never know where your next challenge will take you and your teammates.”

Taylor Gelinas, Assistant Project Manager, Towson


Engineers are at the forefront of innovation and creative-based solutions, so it’s exciting to be a part of that evolution as our field grows and adapts. The thought of a more environmentally friendly world, that has a focus on the ‘end user,’ makes it that much more rewarding. I’m looking forward to simply leaving the world a better place for future generations to come!”

Nora Ahmed, Sr. Design Engineer, Warren


I think the steadily increasing focus on sustainability is very exciting. It is exciting to see so many strides being made in the field of green infrastructure. The focus on sustainability should continue to increase in priority as time progresses.”

Matt Landro, Assistant Project Manager, Mount Laurel


I am most excited to help build and rebuild my community. I find it meaningful to give back to those around me, and I look forward to doing so in the future by continuing to improve the Greater Richmond Area.

Gabby Johnson, Staff Engineer, Richmond


The future is green, and I am excited that we get to be a part of implementing green practices with our clients to build healthier neighborhoods.”

Matt Koop, Design Engineer, DC


I am most excited about how we as engineers can continue to push technological boundaries forward. I can only imagine what advances are coming that will make our overall lives better.”

Jared Jones, Sr. Project Manager, Manhattan

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