Unlocking Opportunities in New Hampshire: A Q&A with Austin Turner and Greg DiBona

24 February, 2022
Austin and Greg


As the leaders of Bohler’s newest office in Bedford, New Hampshire, Austin Turner and Greg DiBona, LLA are focused on helping developers identify and act on opportunities across the region. With a combined 35 years of experience in the land development industry, and more than 20 years at Bohler, they are continuing to expand Bohler’s reach across New England.

In a recent Q&A, Austin and Greg weighed in on New Hampshire’s booming land development industry, how developers can position themselves for success, and what these New Hampshire natives are most excited about this year.

What opportunities are available for developers in New Hampshire in 2022?

Austin: Some may think New Hampshire is difficult to break into, but the reality is that regulators are actually quite development-friendly and very reasonable to work with. There are plenty of opportunities for developers who are willing to meet with the jurisdictions up front and identify common goals.

Greg: Development in just about every real estate market is booming right now. We’ve been talking to developers who are evaluating real estate deals in all types of residential, warehouse distribution, last mile fulfilment, and commercial spaces.

Many New England cities are adopting strict environmental regulations. How do you see that impacting New Hampshire development?

Austin: While the regulations are evolving, New Hampshire regulators understand what is reasonable to ask a developer. They want to be environmentally conscious, but also support development. I think they’re striking the right balance.

What advice can you offer developers coming into New Hampshire for the first time?

Austin: New Hampshire offers plenty of new development opportunities, and the entitlement process is fairly linear and straightforward. My recommendation for achieving success quickly is to be proactive with regulators and establish relationships up front. Engage them early in your project to build consensus and expedite approvals later.

I recently designed a residential project in Merrimack, for example, where there were a lot of environmentally sensitive areas on site, including a large brook running right through the middle. By including regulating stakeholders from the beginning, we successfully obtained zoning relief that the town had denied multiples times before. In the end, both the City and the client accomplished their goals.

What challenges do you anticipate developers will face this year?

Greg: With rising construction costs and widespread labor and supply shortages, maintaining a tight schedule is more critical than ever. What sets Bohler apart is our understanding of our clients’ speed-to-market demands. Our teams are fast and efficient in obtaining approvals and keeping projects moving forward.

What are you most excited for in 2022?

Greg: I’m really excited about the team we’re building. Several talented engineers have already joined our team and we’re excited about others who are going to be a great match for the Bohler culture. We’re really looking forward to partnering with clients across the state to help them accomplish their development goals. We have already seen great responses from local developers and owners who are partnering with our office to move their projects forward.

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