A Focused Start to 2020 for Metro Commercial

30 January, 2020

Bohler’s Rob Irons talked with Metro Commercial’s Sales and Management Team about accomplishing more in 2020

At Bohler, our work spans beyond engineering. We help our clients move towards their vision of success – that means growing their business, achieving personal goals, and moving forward in the industry. So when Metro Commercial asked for Bohler Managing Partner Rob Irons’ help, he embraced the opportunity to help the commercial real estate broker’s Sales and Management Team be more focused and intentional about their personal and business ambitions in 2020.

Having built Bohler’s Pennsylvania operations from a five-person office in the early ‘90s to four locations and nearly 100 employees today, Rob knows how building relationships, developing habits, and instilling a culture of self-discipline provides results.

Empowering Metro’s ambitious team to realize its vision of success in the year ahead, Rob shared his experiences and offered three takeaways to make forward progress:

  1. 1. Build relationships. While it is important to maintain meaningful connections with current clients and partners (strong ties), consider further developing your extended network and dormant ties. Together, this delivers a powerful return. People want to work with people they like. (Building relationships is a key element of The Bohler Way and at the core of Bohler’s organizational purpose and business.)
  2. 2. Improve self-discipline and develop successful habits. These time-tested and accepted procedures are the backbone of an efficient workflow process. Rely on habits as a trusted measure for completing a task, resulting in an on-time, quality product that others depend on and expect.
  3. 3. Focus on personal efficiency. Group your task list into related categories, stop multi-focusing, and eliminate distractions such as email notifications, texts, and social media. Be fully engaged in the task at hand.

Understanding the industry and what it takes to be successful in business and in life, Rob has ingrained these basic, foundational concepts in Bohler’s staff. Knowing that Bohler succeeds when our clients succeed, he shared this approach to help build momentum for Metro Commercial in 2020.

Connect with Rob on ways to accomplish more in the new decade.

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