The practice fields at Fauquier High School in Warrenton, VA have been well-used for decades, serving thousands of student athletes and other community sports teams. Years of use have left the fields badly in need of renovation. A lack of adequate playing fields has forced teams like girls’ soccer to fundraise to be able to pay to practice at another location.

Over the past few years, the school has been strategizing to find a solution to renovate the practice fields and make other improvements to the athletic facilities, without any funding in place to support the projects.

In need of assistance and guidance, they contacted Bohler Associate John Wright. As an involved parent of lacrosse and soccer players at the school who knew of these struggles first-hand, John jumped at the opportunity to help. Bohler’s Warrenton team, many of whom also attended the school or have family who did, joined his enthusiasm in pursuing the challenge in support of the school’s student athletes and the community.

John and Bohler’s Warrenton team provided civil engineering, permitting, and survey services to design three new regulation-sized fields, as well as one smaller field, for a site behind the school’s current baseball and softball fields.

Bohler Engineering Site Plans for Fauquier High School Athletic Field Renovations

Our team’s cost-effective design added much-needed field space for the low-budget project. Project areas of focus for the school included:

Maximizing Field Space

Due to drainage ditches, the existing design could not take full advantage of the space. Bohler designed a new drainage system within the existing ditches and lowered the site to enclose them. This not only maximized existing field space but also created space for an additional small field to be added to the site.

Saving on Earthwork Costs

Bohler’s engineers considered the extent of earthwork needed to regrade and lower the site, a costly budget line item. To save costs, our team leveraged the grading design to minimize the soil export required.

Streamlining Permits

As the site lies in the jurisdiction of both the Town of Warrenton and Fauquier County, Bohler coordinated extensively with agencies in both municipalities for permits and approvals. This also entailed several stakeholder meetings with the local high school administration and the county school board.

In recognition of Bohler’s work on the project, the Fauquier County School Board recently held an appreciation reception in our honor and presented the team with a plaque.

Bohler Engineering Presented with Plaque from Fauquier High School

School boosters and the Funding the Future of Fauquier Athletics Committee are currently raising the remaining funds required to begin construction on the project.

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