Achieving a Therapeutic Experience for Cancer Treatment Facility

Striving to bring cutting-edge proton therapy cancer treatment to the New York/New Jersey metro area, ProCure Proton Therapy Center offers a unique alternative to X-ray radiation that spares healthy tissue, resulting in far fewer side effects. With the technology available in only a few centers across the country, ProCure needed to design a facility capable of safely administering the treatment while providing a comfortable environment for patients.

Faced with several design challenges, Bohler developed efficient solutions to avoid a major gas line, found innovative ways to navigate heavy equipment over the gas line during construction, and designed stormwater management that was effective and approved by all agencies.

Designing Around a Gas Line

Site layout was largely driven by an enormous multiuse supply line delivering gas to New York City that cut right through ProCure’s property. Bohler creatively designed around the line, carefully avoiding not only the line itself, but the significant buffers placed around it by the town for building placement, stormwater management, and utilities.

During construction, Bohler prepared intricate crossing details for the contractor. Large dirt piles and steel plates were used to distribute the weight of heavy construction vehicles and avoid putting too much pressure on the gas line. Creating the opportunity for the 120-ton proton equipment to enter the site for installation, this solution was uniquely integral to the project’s success.

Developing Stormwater Management Solutions

With on-site soils not suitable for infiltration, the team had to find alternative stormwater management solutions. Because rainwater can’t filter quickly through the soil, a larger than usual detention basin was required. Bohler worked with the Somerset County Conservation District and the state of New Jersey to design above and beyond normal standards, creating a bigger basin for more rainwater storage and performing more soil testing than typically required.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

Managed largely by the architect, the project team collaborated to design an environment that eases the stress of treatment. Architectural features include:

  • An inviting waiting area, lots of natural light, and refreshment areas for better patient morale;
  • Thick concrete walls to protect from radiation;
  • Angled hallways and interiors designed to make procedures as safe as possible; and
  • Four treatment rooms designed for the different methods of administering therapy.

Bringing Groundbreaking Technology

Bohler’s creative designs and innovative solutions to avoid the gas line, deliver heavy equipment during construction and incorporate effective stormwater management enabled the successful completion of the project. ProCure became the first facility of its kind in the New York/New Jersey metro area, featuring groundbreaking technology to limit side effects while effectively treating cancer in a comfortable environment.

5 Acres
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