Bringing Emergency Healthcare Closer to Home

As one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems in New Jersey, RWJBarnabas Health sought to respond to patient requests for a trusted emergency facility closer to home. With a substantial patient base in Bayonne, the network saw an opportunity to provide a more convenient and accessible facility, while investing in the community in the process.

Identifying a dilapidated mixed-use site in the heart of Bayonne, RWJBarnabas and the project team needed to first overcome infrastructure and stormwater management obstacles to bring the medical facility to life.

Restoring Antiquated Infrastructure

Typical of an urban redevelopment, the team encountered antiquated utility systems unable to provide the site with the required water and sewer services. Coordinating an off-site water main extension and new sanitary sewer lines, Bohler identified an opportunity to reduce costs. After providing calculations proving the site’s previous water and sewer usage, Bohler coordinated with the City for a reduced connection fee. Roadways and sidewalks surrounding the site were in desperate need of repair as well. To improve the facility’s efficiency and enhance patient experience, Bohler reconstructed and improved much of the infrastructure, including:

  • Realigning the roadway to allow more efficient ambulance access;
  • Creating American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalks, as well as patient drop-off, bus stop, and parking garage access;
  • Improving traffic lights giving emergency vehicles control; and
  • Streetscape improvements to enhance the community.

Giving Back Through Stormwater Management

Facing strict regulations to manage rainwater runoff, and limited space for surface facilities, Bohler identified an opportunity to locate stormwater management underground, while giving back to the community at the same time. The team designed a 200-foot-long conveyance pipe connecting an underground basin on site to the public system. As an added benefit, the City can use that pipe for future connections from other sites.

Bringing Emergency Healthcare Closer to Home

Keeping the Power On

As a trusted medical service provider, RWJBarnabas facilities must have power at all times. Effective emergency generator design is critical. Designing the underground tank and pump system to fuel a rooftop generator, Bohler ensured compliance with all regulations and fire protection standards.

Enhancing the Community

Through its commitment to providing world-class healthcare to the Bayonne community, RWJBarnabas helped to move the City forward by improving utilities, infrastructure, and accessibility both on and off site. Identifying cost-saving solutions and creating opportunities to give back, Bohler played an integral role in the project’s success.

3 Acres
80K SF
3 Stories

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