Apartment Living a “Notch” Above the Rest

Building on their successful market launch in 2018, Indianapolis-based Milhaus recently broke ground on a second project in Tampa, called Notch. A four-story, 112-unit project will bring much-needed apartment stock to the hot and historic neighborhood of Seminole Heights, also home to their first local community, called HITE.

Bringing a superior living experience with competitive amenities to a two-acre infill site was no easy task. Bohler worked with the client and project team to move the project forward and turn obstacles into opportunities for this diverse community, home to long-time residents, incoming transplants, and a growing nightlife and entertainment district.

Navigating Rezoning and Tree Preservation

To take control of the small but strategic location, the team worked to overcome several challenges. Bohler teamed with the project’s land use attorney to successfully navigate a rezoning process that entitled the site, a portion of which was formerly a used car sales lot.

During design, the site plan was configured to preserve existing trees, including a grand oak tree. Bohler worked with an arborist and the City to study the site and build a preservation plan that is designed to provide a more stable root structure and ecosystem for the tree moving forward. Incorporating the grand oak into the apartment community created a unique amenity for Notch residents.

Incorporating Feedback

Municipal and community concern around site access, neighborhood transitions, and other initial plan details sparked an opportunity to gather input and build solutions into the pending design. This required the team to find creative ways of incorporating this feedback while staying aligned with the budget and previously navigated rezoning process.

Bohler worked with the project architect to accomplish several updated design elements without jeopardizing previously approved permits and entitlements. Examples included a move from deck to surface parking; design of a buffer system for single-family neighborhoods including wall structures, native plantings, and amenity features around existing trees; intricate grading that involved a stepped finished floor elevation, and retaining walls to accommodate City overlay requirements and unique site topographic conditions; and redesign of access points and external amenities to flow with the improvements.

Cost-Effective Stormwater Solutions

To create additional operational value through a long-term, sustainable stormwater system, Bohler sought to design the system in a way that enabled Milhaus to maximize developable land while reducing operational and maintenance costs and promoting resident safety and retention.

The team ultimately developed a cost-effective underground solution that yielded the necessary unit count and financial performance while addressing current and future stormwater challenges.

In Notch, Milhaus will successfully deliver a sophisticated apartment community to the trending neighborhood. The project’s modern design and artistic flare is uniquely juxtaposed by the community’s history and prominent grand oak on-site. In turning site challenges into opportunities to bring additional value to the project, Bohler enabled Milhaus to maintain forward momentum with its second Florida community and deliver an exceptional—and welcomed—new residential product to the neighborhood.

2 Acres
4 Stories
112 Units

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