Communication Advances Miami Affordable Housing Project

When a property adjacent to the Dolphin’s Stadium in Miami became available for redevelopment, The Latigo Group partnered with local contractor Seawood Builders and seized the opportunity to contribute to the revitalization of the Northwest 27th Avenue corridor.

The Los Angeles-based developer’s proposed design-build project, The Center at Miami Gardens, would bring a much-needed 259-unit affordable housing facility to the neighborhood, and the City was proud to offer families a new living experience with luxury amenities.

The Latigo Group’s goal was to bring the apartments to market as quickly as possible. To accomplish their scheduling goals, the project team amplified communication and coordination efforts between multiple city, county, and utility agency stakeholders, two different architectural teams, and the contractor.

Quarterbacking Coordination

Because Miami Gardens is an incorporated city, the project was subject to both City and Miami-Dade County site plan review. To further complicate the process, North Miami Beach provides utilities to the site, adding a third entity for coordinating utility permitting. Bohler spearheaded communication efforts to align the process and maintain progress, keeping all stakeholders informed of changes and updates made to the plans

The new multifamily development increased water flows, so off-site upgrades to the City’s sewer system were required. The proposed improvements again needed coordination with the City of Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, and Miami-Dade County. Bohler’s team successfully brought all three agencies into agreement on dedication of an easement that allowed the project to upgrade and connect to the public system.

Early General Contractor Engagement

To complete the project as quickly as possible, Bohler’s team continued to design the site while the contractor Seawood Builders’ team began construction. To minimize impact to constructed areas, Bohler managed all communication and meetings between the contractor and both project architects. By spearheading this effort, the team helped to streamline design decisions, guide the contractor in retrofitting utilities, and obtain revised permits. (Read more about how early contractor engagement can unlock additional ROI-boosting opportunities.)

Driving the Project Forward

With many stakeholders and a large design team, Bohler took lead to make communication efficient and keep all parties informed. From coordinating entitlements with multiple agencies to collaborating with the design and construction teams to solve real-time challenges, Bohler is facilitating the project’s progress and helping The Latigo Group achieve their goal of an expedited schedule.

259 Units
4 Buildings
3 Reviewing Agencies

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