Cost-Saving Solutions for LaSalle University

With ambitions to create a state-of-the-art academic building, LaSalle University embarked on one of the most significant projects in its history. Bohler tackled the site design, working to reduce stormwater management costs, incorporate sustainable design, and accelerate the project’s timeline.

Reducing Long-Term Costs With Creative Stormwater Solutions

The initial design called for an infiltration basin to collect stormwater. But when heavy clay soil was found on site, all signs pointed to the need for more basins. In collaboration with the geotechnical engineer, Bohler identified an opportunity to increase the basin’s efficiency and save LaSalle from additional costs. By digging the basin deeper and removing the clay, the team found soils much better suited for infiltration, ultimately fulfilling requirements and avoiding the need for additional basins.

During construction, the team uncovered another cost-saving opportunity – an abandoned storm sewer connection. The team had originally planned to tie into a very deep sewer main beneath the road, which would require deep trenching and restoration of the roadway. Working quickly, the team investigated its feasibility and redesigned the connection, saving LaSalle time and construction costs associated with the original plan.

Designing for Sustainability

In addition to the infiltration basin, Bohler’s stormwater management plan included four large, heavily vegetated rain gardens. To support sustainable design, the plantings were chosen for their evapotranspiration abilities – a process where plants pull in large amounts water through their roots, and subsequently evaporate it through their leaves.

Bohler also assisted in the design of an elevated sidewalk connection to a pedestrian bridge that links east and west campus. The team utilized porous pavement, a sustainable feature, for a pathway leading to the bridge.

Leveraging Relationships to Save Time

Working on an accelerated timeline, Bohler leveraged relationships at the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) to expedite reviews and approvals, resulting in the project being fully permitted within six short months.

As one of the most technologically advanced academic buildings in the country, LaSalle’s business school contains a sales training laboratory and simulation facilities that showcase the central Lasallian value of learning by doing, a 400-seat auditorium, and a dramatic atrium space for hosting networking and social events. By reducing costs and incorporating sustainable design, Bohler provided an opportunity for the university to achieve their goals.

This facility will ensure that future generations of business students will have access to a world-class learning environment that will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the global economy and make significant contributions to their communities.
William R. Sautter Board of Trustees
24 Acres
87K SF
6 Stories

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