Build Your Network Without In-Person Networking

09 June, 2020

Sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. Strong relationships within the industry can bring about opportunities that you may not have otherwise found. Without in-person conferences and networking events, it can be challenging to create and strengthen relationships with people who can help your business move forward.

Here are four ways to leverage and continue building one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal—your network—virtually.

1. Accomplish more in your one-on-one conversations.

  1. Many of us are talking with our contacts to keep a pulse on the industry. Use these conversations as an opportunity to connect on a personal level. Ask questions and listen. Be genuinely interested in the challenges others are facing and ask how they plan to tackle them. Especially now, people are eager to share their stories and experiences. These deeper conversations can help build stronger relationships and a more well-founded network.

2. Engage your extended network.

Reconnect with contacts you have worked with in the past but haven’t spoken to recently. Alternatively, consider leveraging the knowledge of your current consultant teams, especially if they are active in multiple market sectors across various regions of the country.

3. Be boldly transparent.

When it comes to development goals, the land development industry is notoriously guarded. Now is the time to challenge that approach and be forthcoming about your ambitions. The more your network knows about what you’re trying to accomplish, the more they can help you make meaningful connections. Informing others about your specific needs often works to accelerate your growth by bringing you more targeted opportunities.

4. Find opportunities by networking differently.

For many, the idea of “virtual networking” was not widespread prior to stay-at-home measures. Now, connecting with groups on-screen is becoming increasingly popular and important. Consider joining a small virtual coffee, lunch, or happy hour. In our new virtual world, it’s an effective way to stay visible, share your goals, and continue making new connections that move your business forward. A well-orchestrated event with a small group can bring warm introductions and allow you to hear from several perspectives at once.

While the networking and deal-making processes have evolved in recent months to a virtual setting, it’s still possible to develop strong connections that keep your business moving forward. Listen and ask for insight, be transparent in what you’re trying to accomplish, and look for new opportunities to stay connected.

Interested in trying virtual networking? Bohler is regularly hosting small coffee breaks, lunches, and happy hours. Contact our team to start making connections that could bring new opportunities for you and your business.

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