Big-Picture Consulting Reduces Big Project Risk

12 October, 2018

Park West Multi-Use Development

Bohler Texas was hired to support the development of several retail buildings within a larger, multi-use development in the fast-growing community of Frisco, Texas. When our team kicked off our portion of the project, it quickly became evident that there were inconsistencies with the initial efforts to complete the development.

Miscalculated earthwork left a significant material shortage within our phase. In addition, an adjacent municipal road-widening project had not adequately accounted for connectivity of utilities and storm drain elements.

For these reasons, our team immediately engaged with the municipal engineers and their consultants to relocate key infrastructure and resubmit for storm drain extensions and interim grading design.

Site plan and construction approvals will result in the construction of three multi-tenant retail and restaurant buildings complimenting the single and multifamily residential elements. The 26,000 SF of restaurant/retail will include attractive amenities including large outdoor patios overlooking a two-acre pond and water features.

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