Fast-Growing Markets Meet Fast-Changing Retail

12 October, 2018

ICSC Southeast Preview: Atlanta, October 23-24, 2018

The Southeast Dealmaking show is often described as a “quality not quantity” event. While it’s not one of the largest annual conferences hosted by the retail real estate organization, it showcases the abundant opportunities in the region’s major cities and its network of submarkets that are attracting businesses and residents at record pace.

We asked some of our regional leaders what they expect to hear at the show:

Joel DelliCarpini – Principal, Atlanta

“While the retail opportunities are vast in Atlanta – from very urban infill to nearly rural outlots – we also see clients eager to expand into secondary markets across the Southeast. This isn’t a new trend per se, but this regional dealmaking session certainly presents a platform for brands, buyers and sellers from across the Southeast to engage and continue seeking expansion opportunities. With land prices affecting markets big and small, successful deals require creativity, collaboration and a focus on local demographics and trends.”

Andrew Moriarty – Principal, Carolinas

“We are talking to many of our clients about repurposing and redeveloping retail assets. Whether it is to modernize the retail experience, integrate new uses and features, or completely redevelop an asset to accommodate new tenants and users – it all requires sophisticated coordination and consulting…particularly for locations that operate during the renovation process.”

Randy Smith, Director – Florida

“We continue to see new brands entering the Florida and Southeast markets on a weekly basis. This brings not only new, updated twists on the traditional retail segments but also new approaches to real estate. Similarly, we see many real estate programs in transition, with organization outsourcing previously internal efforts, while others are bringing their formerly outsourced development efforts inhouse. We regularly stress to clients that they should be leaning on us not just for the technical, but also for the larger coordination and operational support that can bog them down.”

To catch up with Bohler before or during ICSC Southeast, contact one of our contributors above by clicking on their name, or shoot us an email.

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