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12 February, 2020

Bohler Project Manager Kristin DeLuca Talks Land Development and Being a Role Model for Her Daughters

As a local resource for business and entrepreneurship on Long Island, Nassau County Community College’s Tower Talk Business Radio provides weekly business advice, tips, and tools to help you grow your business. Last week, the radio show caught up with Bohler Project Manager Kristin DeLuca on her background, career challenges, and biggest accomplishments.

In her interview with co-hosts Ray Schwetz and Donyshia Boston-Hill, Kristin shared insights on Long Island development trends, highlighting the creative solutions she and her team have identified for some of region’s most well-known developments. She also talked about how Bohler is moving the needle forward to empower women in a male-dominated industry and offered advice for those pursuing a career in engineering.

On her keys to success, Kristin shared, “No matter what you’re trying to accomplish…figure out what your goal is, what the intention of the meeting or conversation is, and understand what each of you want to get out of it.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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