What Is Innovative Engineering? Bohler Shares Our Definition

18 February, 2019

Bohler’s joining DiscoverE and millions of students, parents, and educators across the globe in recognizing Engineers Week 2019. During the week-long event, we aim to inspire the next generation of engineers while also celebrating our own.

As a nod to this year’s theme of Invent Amazing, we’re defining what innovative engineering means to us, and showcasing the ways our teams have used innovative engineering to design amazing projects and places throughout our communities.

1. An unrelenting approach to problem solving

Project Spotlight: Artisan at Hudson

When completed, SageLife’s 170-unit senior living community in Hudson, MA will feature exceptional amenities in a sophisticated surrounding. But first, our team had to navigate several sewer connection challenges.

“We didn’t stop until we found the best possible solution for the project. Working closely with our client and the Town, we established a creative improvement to the existing sewer capacity.”

2. Bringing value to our client’s business

Project Spotlight: Mack Trucks

For an 84,000 SF expansion to Mack Trucks’ existing facility in Lehigh Valley, PA, Bohler helped turn site circulation inefficiencies into a redesigned layout, resulting in smoother plant operations that enabled the company to move forward with a new product.

“To us, it was more than expanding the building. We saw an opportunity to help them improve their operations.”

3. Standing out in an ever-changing environment

Project Spotlight: The Tellus

The Tellus, a 260,000 SF true mixed-use development that incorporates office and retail into a residential tower, is one of the first in Arlington, VA to be LEED Gold-Certified. Our team helped make the complex sustainable with bioretention and green roof design.

“Civil engineers are mainly focused on the ground, but being innovative means looking up, too. Sustainable design elements, like the project’s green roof, make this project stand out.”

4. Inspiring the future generation of engineers

Project Spotlight: Girl Scouts Leadership Center

The Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts recently broke ground on a Leadership Center that will provide opportunities for scouts to engage in STEM and leadership-building activities. To bring the facility to life, our team tackled a 30-foot topographical challenge to ensure safe traffic circulation.

“Our design contributed to a younger generation having opportunities to learn about STEM in a new way.”

5. Creative ideas that become solutions

Project Spotlight: Metro Storage

The proposed site of Metro Storage LLC’s 118,000 SF self-storage facility in Randolph, NJ had a steep slope, requiring extensive grading and dirt removal. Earthwork can be the biggest variable or risk to a development’s ROI, so our team conceptualized ways to reduce soil export.

“What started as an idea turned into a solution to reduce the site work cost while maximizing developable land.”

6. Problem Solving For The End-User

Project Spotlight: Apex SouthPark

The coming Apex SouthPark development includes over 300 apartments, a full-service hotel, a worship center, and plenty of retail and parking space. To make it possible, Bohler’s team successfully navigated a complex rezoning process and accommodated each use while maximizing the infill site. We met the challenge of incorporating the different uses by keeping the end-user in mind. In doing so, we were able to address the community’s needs within the larger project.

“Our teams believe that innovation is more than a buzz word and engineering spans far beyond developing plan sets. Innovative engineering is about finding solutions, pushing the limits of what’s possible, and designing something that truly impacts a community.”

To our engineers, fellow professionals, students, parents, and educators, Happy Engineers Week!

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