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The 2020Vision Project

With a crystal-clear purpose in the lead, Bohler embarks on the 2020Vision Project – an effort designed to create new levels of employee and client engagement through an unrivaled brand experience. This means doing more of what is helping you to win in today’s market and also being critical of ourselves in the spirit of continuous improvement. We are asking our clients what matters to them and building an organization around the talent, solutions and creativity that redefines value.

This purpose-driven project is designed with the singular goal of empowering clients and employees to achieve their goals – whether that be a project approval, a career milestone or a community transformation. We continue to offer award-winning, specialized consulting services every single day and look forward to sharing our insights, ideas and enhancements as we approach 2020.

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Bohler Engineering's 2020 Vision Project
“We want to work with passionate, driven people and contribute to their success, growth and satisfaction. Forget the obvious business and project metrics, this is the essence of why Bohler exists. We believe that leading from a place of purpose creates unrivaled results for everyone we serve.”

-Adam Volanth, President & CEO