Woburn Village Apartments

Located adjacent to the vibrant Woburn Village retail and restaurant development, Woburn Village Apartments features several resident-focused amenity spaces.  The pool courtyard includes a 1,500 SF pool with water features, shade pavilions, and outdoor kitchen space. A central play courtyard includes grills with bar seating, a children’s play area, an activities lawn, and a lounge space with a large outdoor fireplace.

A beautiful co-working space on the third floor features a versatile exterior meeting space structure, firepit, lawn area, and multiple options for seating and working.  Additional perimeter spaces provide gathering and a stage area, and a well-amenitized dog park with play equipment and a water fountain.

Co-working space with shade structure, firepit, and work tables.


Play courtyard with activities lawn, exterior ping-pong table, and outdoor kitchens.

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